volunteer work

Volunteering for a good cause makes you feel better; for equestrians who want to give back to their sport, there are many opportunities and causes that can benefit from your time, your skill and your donations.

I have volunteered for various therapeutic riding programs and seen that riders who start out completely dependent on helpers may eventually become independent and be able to go places and do things on the back of a horse that they could not otherwise do… even participate in competitions!

Since I became an independent saddle fitter I have helped various other equestrian organizations to fit saddles for their horses and did some educational seminars for kids and adults.

If you are in the need of a saddle fitter for your non profit organization please contact me at:

dynamicequine@yahoo.com or 910.489.8031



Pictured at left, Brita (center) after a day of fitting saddles
for one of the non-profits with which she works.


dynamic equine saddle fitting
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