susan beebee

susan beebee

susan beebeeI am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to partner with Black Country Saddles!

I have ridden in many saddle brands over last 10 years and have been on the hunt for a saddle that keeps my horses' backs comfortable, and allows each one of the horses I ride their full range of movement! It is completely thrilling to sit in a saddle that every horse I ride thrives in.

Brita Rizzi introduced me to Black Country earlier this spring and all the horses I ride, especially my very special Wolf, are thriving! Wolfie is brilliant, however ifhe is uncomfortable, he finds it difficult to perform at his peak... He is extremely opinionated about what he wears... He loves his BC saddles. They fit me like a glove as well and give me a great spot to sit in which allows me to be effective and tactful with my aids!

Since switching my horses to Black Country Saddles my horses are soft supple and elastic through their backs!

Best to you all, and again, a most heartfelt thank you to all of you at Black Country Saddles!

Susan Beebee, Southern Pines, NC

Photos: Amy Dragoo


When I met Brita for a saddle fitting, Hurricane Allie was NOT a happy girl. She was rearing and a grumpy attitude was taking over our training. Our equine masseuse thought saddle fit could be the source of the problem...

I contacted Brita and wow, did she ever come to the rescue! She took so much time to really get to know Allie and me and found the perfect dressage and jumping saddles to improve our lives. Brita’s attention to detail and customer service are exemplary. She called, emailed, and met me often throughout the process. I am so thankful to Brita for helping me find such fantastic saddles so that I can truly enjoy my time in the saddle, and I believe if Allie could, she would thank her as well.

K. Rushton, NC

rachel jurgens

rachel jurgens

I can not thank Black Country Saddlery and Brita Rizzi from Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting ENOUGH…For two years Ziggy was struggling with sever back pain as we were preparing to go to Rolex, our first four star event. With the help of Black Country Saddlery and the amazing Brita Rizzi I switched Ziggy to both a dressage and jump saddle, within days the back pain was GONE. He started moving better than he ever had and became happy in his work. We put a lot of miles on our horses to get them to the top and the most important thing we can do for them is make them comfortable!

I have been riding and competing for 40 years; these are the best saddles and finest service I have ever received. From the very first contact through the entire fitting process until now months later both Black Country and Brita stand behind the saddles and their fit. Brita continuously makes small adjustments and keeps a watchful eye on the wear of each saddle. She takes into consideration the whole picture, horses health, life stye, fitness, pads, etc...The true concern for my horse's well-being is out of this world! Black Country is an incredible company and EVERY horse deserves a Black Country Saddle. Brita is a true horsewoman and brings so much more than just saddle fitting to the whole process. I can not say enough positive things about this perfect partnership! Now my only concern is which friend has borrowed my saddle last.

Thank you Black Country and Brita Rizzi!

Rachel Jurgens and Ziggy

happy Black Country Saddles customers Two happy customers showing the versatile fit of Black Country saddles: a thoroughbred with high withers and a draft X with big shoulders. Both in the Black Country Ricochet.


After 12 saddles in 3 years, Brita was a life saver for my mare! Our rides had deteriorated to the point that trotting was impossible, let alone jumping. In fact, our last attempt before hauling to our fitting was over small 2' jumps...and our jumping consisted of landing, bucking, and bolting (this from a horse that was doing 3' the previous fall). Brita fitted us in the Black Country Ricochet with K panels and full wither gussets, plus a custom seat/flap configuration for me and I all of a sudden have my horse back! We are back competing in the hunters, and came away Reserve Champion in the green hunters and the low jumpers at the last show!

I was at the point where I didn't know what to do with her next and our next step was retiring her (or my husband was threatening me with selling her if this didn't work!). Her shoulder extension at the trot is amazing, and her jump is rounder and bigger then its ever been! Thankfully the rear blocks and the "sticky" vintage leather on my new saddle has really helped with locking me in or getting jumped out of the tack would be a more regular occurrence! The quality is unbelievable, it felt broken in instantly and everyone that rides in it is in love with it.

Can't say enough to express my gratitude, THANK YOU BRITA!!!

N. Etheridge, NC and 'Kissey'



Emily Grace Swinson in her Black Country Kur, custom-made so that she has room to grow into it.

She is pictured on her way to winning her Championship Equitation class at Spring Break Dressage in Williamstown, NC.

Photos courtesy of Cynthia Leigh Peterson.


Thanks for all your wonderful assistance in helping me purchase the correct saddle and size for my hard to fit Morgan.

I was so pleased with the entire process. Your attention to detail was wonderful and all the custom options Black Country offers made it all perfect. Scotty and I have been enjoying our Black Country Eloquence tremendously; finally a saddle which fits his really broad shoulders.

Bechy Darragh, VT


Thank you Brita Rizzi with Dynamic Saddle Fitting for all her awesome work with my new horse.

She somehow managed to fit a saddle to her wonderfully (which I was pretty sure would be impossible based on her tough back) and quickly, while keeping the new saddle well within my budget. She was so incredibly thorough and my mare is going better than I could have ever expected her too! I highly recommend her for anyone needing a saddled fitted or any work done to it!!!

I can't thank her enough!!!

Briana Atwell and Coal, NC



I've known Brita for almost 8 years now, and there is nobody more knowledgeable in saddle fit.

My Trakehner gelding isn't the easiest to fit – long, high withers and broad back with big shoulders – but with a little adjustment, she was able to make my XC saddle fit like a glove and gave her one of the best pressure scans she's ever had. She has since then worked on two other saddles of mine and both Oliver and I have been thrilled with her service. She goes out of her way to ensure satisfaction and comfort for the horse and rider.

We love her!

K. O'Callaghan, NC


I initially dreaded the thought of finding a dressage saddle that would fit both me and my hard-to-fit quarter horse. With Brita, the process was straightforward and uncomplicated. Brita was extremely helpful in ascertaining which saddle would most likely fit my horse and me. After a dynamic pressure scan of a demo Black Country Eden dressage saddle, she was able to confirm that the tree of this saddle model was a good fit and recommended modifications to the standard saddle to accommodate the individuality of both my horse and me. The new saddle is a perfect fit for both of us. Since I have been using it, my horse's movement and responsiveness to the aids have improved remarkably, and my riding has improved as well.

I found working with Brita to be a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable, honest, pays attention to details, and consistently follows through. It is evident that Brita's enthusiasm is driven by a desire to help both the horse and rider perform at their best, and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in purchasing a new saddle.

B. Cann, NC



Brita was a life saver at the start of this season reflocking both my jump and dressage saddles. I had a horrible experience prior to meeting her with my jump saddle which is very hard to flock. She was able to completely start over, take out all of the cheap and knotted flocking and fix my saddle so it fit properly again.  My dressage saddle was compacted with years of use and she took out the old wool and made it soft, smooth and a great fit. When Brita was done both saddles fit my horse perfectly again. It was so reassuring to take my horse into his first year at Intermediate knowing that his tack fit him well.

I also worked with Brita fitting a very hard to fit hunt horse. This horse had been hunted very hard with an ill fitting saddle. The horse was recovering from sores, missing hair, and sore back muscles. She used her pressure pad and spent hours trying many saddles to determine which saddle fit the horse the best. The technology of the pressure pad was so amazing and completely coincided with the ears back and bucking of the very sore backed horse. In the end the original saddle was the best fit, amazingly, but only after she took the flocking out that was rock hard from the nearly 20 year old saddle!

I would trust Brita with any saddle and with any horse. She does a fantastic job!

Carrie Dimon, Southern Pines, NC



Brita and her equipment have really changed how I feel about saddle fitting. While I have always believed in it, especially for dressage, I got conflicting information from different saddle fitters, which could make it hard to know if the fit was really successful . With the computerized pressure sensitive pad and Brita's knowledge, we were able to evaluate the fit objectively. What I especially liked is that the computerized pressure sensitive pad allowed Brita to evaluate the saddle fit using my own saddle pad and girth, with me in the saddle doing what I do every day.

The result showed that my saddle had excessive pressure on either side of the shoulders. We discussed reflocking or possibly having the tree widened, which would have to be done by the saddle dealer. What I was especially impressed by is that Brita called me a couple of hours later to discuss the situation further with me and tell me that she really thought the tree should be widened first, rather than just reflocked by her. This careful consideration for the best result for me (rather than just her own gain) is much appreciated and the results showed when she came back to test it after it had been widened. The difference from the previous scan was obvious and the shoulder pressure had been alleviated. I am planning on having her check my saddle regularly now, so we can maintain such a good fit and catch problems early.

I am looking forward to having her back again to evaluate saddle fit for a new horse that just arrived. I know I will get a clear answer as to fit and how she can improve it.

Amy Bresky and ‘Welkin’, Southern Pines, NC



In this current climate of horse care, it is a breath of fresh air to actually work with someone of integrity, knowledge, precision, and personality. Brita possesses all these qualities and more. She worked with my horse and saddle and made it perfect. She is prompt and informed. She has a great rapport with the horse and is easily approachable to the rider.  If she is unable to do something in an extreme situation, she will honestly inform you of her boundaries and refer out to someone who she feels might be better suited to the issue. 

All others whom I have referred to Brita have had only wonderful things to say about her and her expertise.

Maria DiGiovanni and ‘River Breeze’, Southern Pines, NC


I have been impressed with Brita’s knowledge and her commitment to the horse’s welfare. Her pressure scanning system is amazing and very informative to be able to get virtually real time info about how a saddle is fitting the horse both at rest and while being ridden. She has reflocked my old Albion all purpose saddle and did a beautiful job PLUS she will make sure it is right for you and the horse before she is done.

My horse has suffered with lower back pain since I bought him. I can’t begin to tell you the various things I have tried to help him. I think I finally have made some big strides towards getting him comfortable and in addition to physical therapy I think the Black Country Vinici that Brita recommended to us has made a huge difference. The serge panels are just fabulous for his very sensitive back!

Cricket Gentry and ‘Magic’, Southern Pines, NC


Brita is one of the most knowledgeable saddle fitters I have ever met. I have a horse who is VERY high withered and quite asymmetrical, so saddle fit has been a bit of a problem. I bought a used County saddle and had a local fitter come out. He reflocked the saddle to "fit" my horse. What a disaster. Not only did the saddle not fit the horse, but it didn't sit level and therefore, didn't fit me.

Brita looked at it, scanned it with her pressure scanner and then did a total reflock. The saddle now fits great, my horse moves better and I'm riding level.

My barn owner has stated that she has never seen anyone with a better grasp of saddle fitting and my barn owner is a real stickler for saddles that fit properly.

Mary Strasser and ‘Huzar’, Pinehurst, NC



The Freeform Classic saddle is definitely the solution for my very difficult to fit mare. The dents behind her shoulders ARE filling in. They are not completely gone (and may never be), but she looks so much better, and she is actually starting to develop some muscles along her spine! I never thought that was possible. The panels under the Freeform worked great to give her the adequate spinal and wither clearance.

We are now also working on cavaletti, which she can do beautifully now. Previously she drug her feet through them and hollowed her back. I feel so bad that I put her through all this for so long.

She is also now doing nice smooth balanced trot canter transitions. She used to throw up her head or fight me in a down transition. I think the saddle must have really been hurting her. I had thought for a long time that she was just a typcial TB and preferred to canter (or gallop). But that wasn't it at all!

Also, she no longer pins her ears and chomps at me when I lift the saddle onto her back. Thank you for your with your great advice and service!

B. Schwenk, VA


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled Echo and I are with our new Ecogold Secure Saddle Pad! She is obviously very comfortable in it and moves beautifully under it. I also love how easy it is to use and care for. No billet straps, it hoses right off (or washes easily) and it stays perfectly in place with no hassle whatsoever.

I have had tons of compliments on it as well. It's just beautiful.

My only problem is that I don't want to use my other pads anymore! Echo goes so well in her Ecogold pad that I'm just going to have to order a couple more. I can't bring myself to use another one now.

Thanks again!

I. Hale, AZ


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