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Once an appointment is scheduled
and I arrive at your barn, please
have your horse ready and clean
and be prepared to ride.

For more detailed explanations of what these procedures entail,
please go to our In-Motion System Details and Saddle Fitting pages.

Travel Fee: No charge within Southern Pines and Pinehurst, NC.
For any other locations, travel fees are charged based on time and distance and
might be waived/split for barns with multiple horses. Please contact me for details.

Evaluation of Saddle Fit: $85 / hour which will include:

  • Take the history of you, your horse and the saddle

  • Evaluate fit of various saddles

  • Symmetry and palpation evaluation of the horse

  • Movement evaluation

  • Take tracings / templates

  • Check integrity of saddle(s) (broken/twisted tree, uneven stirrup bars etc)

  • Conduct a static and ridden evaluation

britta rizziPlease note that nothing can be done for a foam saddle that doesn’t fit properly except a possible
conversion (to wool) or suggestions of pads. Full evaluation fee ($85) applies.

After the initial hour: $85 / hour

Follow-up Visits per hour: $55
Should you need me to come out again within 1 month to evaluate potential new saddles.

Follow-up saddle adjustment with wool: FREE within 15 miles of Southern Pines, for any other locations I will charge the trip fee only.

Computerized pressure scans: $85 / hour

Since the electronic components are all integrated in the pressure pad the rider will not have anything attached to his/her body. The rider will be able to ride the horse as usual and the horse will only have a thin additional saddle pad on its back. After the recording has been done the scan will be interpreted and the saddle fit is discussed.

On Site Flocking: $40.00 - $85.00 (depending on how much needs to be done)
This fee applies for flocking the saddle. After the saddle has been worked on, the fit will be evaluated again (with the rider up); flocking will be adjusted again if needed.

Note: In the event that a saddle is flocked to fit the horse without the rider present to participate in fitting and movement evaluation portion of the fitting, Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting assumes no responsibility in the event that the saddle is not fit properly.

It is imperative that the horse and rider be observed in motion to insure the best fit.

Complete Re-Flock: $325

scan sessionComplete Conversion from Foam or Cair to Wool: $350

The Saddle needs to be taken to my workshop to be completed.  A date for this conversion will be discussed (approx. 3 – 4 days).

Billet Replacements:
1.       $25.00
2.       $50.00
3.       $75.00
4.       $100.00
5.       $125.00
6.       $150.00

Add $55.00 if saddle needs to be unstitched and reassembled. 

Point Billets: Add $135.00

Widen Tree: $250
The saddle needs to be taken to my workshop to be completed.

dynamic equine saddle fitting
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