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Our services are not only useful to the individual rider but also to a variety of professionals in the equine industry.


riders Riders who plan to buy a new saddle: he/she can use our services if they plan to make a major investment and buy a new saddle: a lot of riders have invested already a lot of money in purchasing saddles and still have fitting problems. The saddle scanner will help the horse owner to decide which saddle will best fit their horse.
owners Horse owners who have problems with their horse’s current saddle fit and therefore lack of performance. If an ill fitting saddle is suspected the saddle scanner will display problem areas immediately.
saddle dealers Saddle Dealers: with a clear video and pressure display on the computer screen saddle dealers can clearly demonstrate a correct saddle fit of their saddle not only on the horse standing but also working under saddle. Saddle dealers can therefore provide extra service to clients and avoid future complaints from customers. It will also very beneficial to the dealer’s reputation.
saddle fitters Saddle fitters: Every rider knows how valuable a good saddle fitter is. With the help of our saddle scanner saddle fitters will be able to fit saddles precisely to the horse’s back. Saddlers can easily see problem areas on the computer screen. After the saddle has been reflocked it can be scanned again and the saddle fitter can verify his work. This will provide customers with the best available service and guarantee a very precise saddle fit.
instructor Useful for trainers who want to demonstrate the correct seating position to their students. Even advanced riders are often unaware that they are sitting unevenly on their horses. The saddle scanner will explain this better than a thousand words.
veterinarians Veterinarians and Equine Clinics: A very well known equine veterinarian said that at least 50% of all saddles don’t fit horses properly and might result in medical problems. Sometimes it can be very difficult for vets to explain this to their clients especially if a particular saddle cost a small fortune and is so comfortable for the rider. The saddle scanner will clear show where the problem is and vets can better help their patients.


dynamic equine saddle fitting
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