black country saddle options

Flap and Skirt leather Options

The flap length can be customized on all saddles (made shorter or longer for each rider's personal needs). The flaps on jumping saddles can be made with a 'more forward' option for longer legged riders. Both options at no additional cost.

vintage hide Vintage
Superior quality leather with a natural finish and hair cell print enhancing the beauty of the leather, highly oiled and supple -  “No more breaking in”
Colors – Black, Brown, Oxblood

schrumph hide
Heavy duty printed leather
Colors – Black, Brown

Seat and Knee Pad leather Options

standard hide Standard Hide
Soft hide with extra grip
Colors – Black, Dark Brown, Havana, Oxblood

schrumph hide
Printed leather for extra grip and durability
Colors – Black, Brown

reversed doe hide
Reversed Doe*
Deluxe textured hide for extra grip and comfort
Colors – Black, Brown

doe skin hide
Doe Skin*
Refined texture with “suede look” appearance for softness and extra grip
Colors – Black, Brown

calf hide

Calf Hide*
Deluxe smooth hide for extra grip and comfort
Colors – Black, Brown, Oxblood, Caramel

Panel material options:
Serge (wool) – the benefits vs. leather panels

serge panels
Serge underside of a monoflap saddle (the flaps are covered with wool as well)
On other models (NOT monoflap) the serge wool is just under the panels

Why not try a serge panel instead of leather? Serge panels are the traditional way of paneling saddles if you take a look at the old side saddles they will have serge with a linen lining.

Serge is natural and made of wool, wool is the best material to absorb moisture and then disperse this naturally over a period of time.  Not only will it make your saddle lighter in weight, but as with any wool flocked saddle in the initial miles of riding the panel forms the shape of the horse's back and settles down, the process is the same whether leather or serge, although serge being a little softer the process can be faster.

It helps to eliminate slipping and as it is extremely soft and kind to their backs it can also be suitable for cold backed horses.

vinici with serge equinox with serge
Dark brown Vinici dressage saddle with serge panels     Equinox with serge panels

As seen on these photos the wool underside can barely be seen once the saddle is on the horse’s back
(for those who are concerned with ‘looks’).

Serge is very popular in hot conditions as the rate of heat absorption is faster than leather, keeping the back cooler as featured on the Equinox Endurance.

The material requires no conditioning or treatment and is best cleaned with a soft suede brush and a damp cloth. As with leather allow to dry naturally if it does get wet.

Available at no extra charge on any model.

Panel shape

upswept panels wither gussets gusseted panels
Upswept panels are a good option for short backed horses where there is limited space to put a saddle.

Wither gussets –
recommended for most thoroughbred type horses

Gusseted panels

Tree options

A good saddle fit starts with the correct shape and width of the tree. I have all Black Country’s bare trees which I can put on your horse’s back to determine the best shape and size. Should a horse be in between sizes of a certain tree size the wither plate can be customized to your horse (no additional cost).

The different trees include designs/shapes for:

  • Ponies

  • Baroque type horses (broad and short backed) e.g. Lipizans and Andalusians

  • Thoroughbreds

  • Warmbloods

Ponies and wide horses who have fairly flat withers and are broader-backed often need a hoop/freedom tree:

tree shapes hoop tree hoop tree2

Comparison:   hoop tree bottom / standard tree top
Photo: Courtesy of Kitt Hazelton

The Haflinger in this photo would need a saddle with a hoop tree for his broad shoulders
Photo: Courtesy of Kitt Hazelton

A regular wide tree would still pinch his shoulders
Photo: Courtesy of Kitt Hazelton

*additional cost on some models

dynamic equine saddle fitting
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