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I am an INDEPENDENT SADDLE FITTER and my main goal is to make sure that the saddle is working for you and your horse no matter what model or brand it is.

If your current saddle is not fitting due to compressed, balled or unbalanced flocking, a complete reflock can make a huge difference to the fit for your horse. Sometimes saddle pads can improve fit as well; I always have a selection of therapeutic pads to try. I try my best to make your existing saddle work first.

I have built relationships with tack stores and saddle companies for both used and new saddles, so I can help you find the best fit for you, your horse and your budget. A good saddle fit is not determined by cost, brand, or style of saddle; a high end model can cause just as much discomfort to your horse as a cheap one. A well-fitting saddle allows the horse's back to function correctly while keeping the rider in a well-balanced position.

A little history…

A native of Germany, my profession for many years was as a translator for a number of international companies. While translating German, French and English, I had many great experiences and the opportunity to live in such amazing locations as London, Paris, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Always with a horse, I rode competitively in Europe, competing up to 4th level dressage and eventing to Prelim in Germany. While working in France, I had a healthy taste of competing in the show jumping arena.

When I moved to Vermont, I worked for an equine veterinarian, running the entire office operation and gaining extensive hands-on experience while assisting. It was during this time that I witnessed many horses suffering from severely sore backs due to ill fitting saddles.

brita x-countryTrying to find a saddle for my own Morgan mare was a difficult process in itself and that experience ultimately gave me the incentive to become more educated about saddle fitting. This long journey has spiked an interest in saddle fitting in general and led me to the purchase of the pressure scanning system that I now offer as a service to you. I believe this system to be the most beneficial of the many I researched, as it uniquely offers a dynamic and in-motion saddle pressure scan. What a fabulous use of technology!

Never one to stop learning, I soon developed a keen interest in the details and complexities of the physical process of saddle fitting, the logical "next step" to me after performing a dynamic saddle scan. After extensive research I enrolled in an exclusive saddle fitting program with Mike Scott (, a Master Saddler (and Equine Massage therapist) in South Carolina. His course is an intensive 6 month program which only accepts a few students each year. With this knowledge I can then apply the information from a dynamic saddle scan to properly adjust and fit the saddle to the horse, providing my clients a turn-key service.

Volunteer Work

I have helped various equestrian organizations to fit saddles for their horses and have presented educational seminars for non-profits. Please click to learn more!

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